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26 April 2023

Interview with Gregorio Fernandez, CIRCE

Gregorio Fernández, Project Manager, Smart Grids Management group, CIRCE -Centro tecnológico.

Gregorio is the Technical Project Manager of the TALENT project on behalf of CIRCE. He works in the “Distributed Energy Resources Management” team.



1. What is the role of your organisation in the TALENT project? What about your role?

CIRCE is the leader of WP6 dedicated to the validation of the solutions developed in TALENT in a relevant environment. Moreover, we have also led the task related to cybersecurity and safety operations.

2. What do you like more about TALENT?

The proposal for converters to assemble microgrids with storage, generation, and consumption points, combining and connecting, in series and in parallel, various amounts of modules to serve customers of all ages and powers is a great idea with great potential.

3. What is going to happen in the following months in your work?

As Talent enters the final stage of the project’s life, in the next months we will be collecting information on each task in which every partner has been involved. With this information, different indicators will be calculated to validate the work done.

4. What positive impact did the project activities have in your organisation?

The TALENT project has allowed us to build a cybersecurity laboratory specialized in testing DER equipment. This laboratory has enabled the development and testing of new technologies for the cyber-protection of EPES.

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