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16 January 2019

TALENT – Cost effective technological developments for accelerating energy transition

TALENT project-kick off meeting has been held in CARTIF premises in Spain on the 9th and 10th of October. This EU-funded project will be running for three years and aims at helping with the transition to a more sustainable energy system through the transformation of the energy infrastructure along the generation, transport and distribution phases.

In recent years the global shift to a more sustainable energy system is becoming a reality. Nevertheless, now more than ever it is necessary to make our best efforts in making this transition as fast as possible.

This change necessarily comes through a full transformation of the energy sector, which must consider the energy in all its shapes. Specifically, it is required the electric sector to be adapted to the foreseen penetration of renewable power generation by means of increasing the grid flexibility, guaranteeing its stability and supply security and making the energy affordable for all citizens.

This transformation passes through taking advantage of the local renewable resources and turn the current power generation model into a more decentralized new one.

The main objective of TALENT is to achieve the increase of batteries penetration in the grid through the cost reduction in two main components: 1) power electronics for batteries and 2) software to manage hybridised decentralised energy systems. In the case of power electronics, cost reduction will be mainly achieved by means of new designs and architectures, while in the case of the software, cost reduction will be achieved by offering it as interoperable software as a service (iSaaS).

The developments to be achieved are mainly:

  • Power electronics base on new scalable architectures and new types of electronic devices;
  • Modular battery systems adaptable for 800V, 1.500V and 3.000V;
  • Interoperable software as a service for Decentralised Hybrid Energy Management Sources able to interact with Virtual Power Plants.

TALENT is an EU-funded project which received 3.974.906 euros from the European Commission’s programme Horizon 2020. The consortium is made up of the following partners: Rina Consulting SpA (IT), Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et Aux Énergies Alternatives CEA (FR), CEGASA (ES), Universidad de Oviedo (ES), cyberGRID GMBH (AT), Gamesa Electric (ES), with their Third Party Siemens-Gamesa Renewable Energy (ES), European Association for Storage of Energy EASE (BE), Fundación CIRCE (ES), Deloitte (ES) and Mitsubishi Electric Europe (MEE).

The results from the project will be validated in relevant environments from Universidad de Oviedo, Gamesa Electric and CEA.

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