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15 February 2023

Interview with Jérémy Martin, CEA

In the second interview, we would like to introduce Jérémy Martin from CEA France, who kindly shared his working experience with us.

Jérémy Martin, Responsible for strategy in power converters activities, CEA France.

He was an R&D engineer at ALSTOM Transport for four years. He works since 2010 at the department of solar technologies of the CEA France. His areas of expertise are high/medium power converters topologies for railway traction and PV power plants. His current activities focus on characterization of Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductors for converters prototyping in solar applications.

1. What is the role of your organisation in the TALENT project? What about your role?

As part of the Talent project, I am in charge of a Work Package on medium voltage storage systems. I am also responsible for a task which involves the study and prototyping of a medium voltage DC/AC converter for energy storage. And also, responsible for a demonstration involving the implementation of a medium voltage battery rack.

2. What challenges have you met during the work with the TALENT project and how did you overcome them?

We had to deal with particular working conditions where power component shortages were a real problem. We had to do everything to get the components on time.

3. What do you like more about TALENT?

The ambitions of the project which are actually quite upstream in the value chain. Regarding the work entrusted to me, we can use the latest medium voltage SiC semiconductor technologies in a high power environment. It is an important asset for European scientific and technological influence.

4. What applications and benefits are expected to be achieved at the end of the project?

We have subjects related to the TALENT project, such as medium voltage photovoltaics or even hydrogen production systems powered by medium voltage DC buses.

5. What is going to happen in the following months in your work?

We are going to design a DC/DC converter which can connect low voltage generators to the DC bus of the converter, this will make it possible to reuse the work done around the DC/AC converter of the TALENT project.

6. What positive impact did the project activities have in your organisation?

The project had a positive impact on power electronics activities at the CEA solar department insofar as it contributed to the emergence of new experimental platforms dedicated to medium voltage high power electronics.

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