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30 November 2020

First TALENT stakeholder Online Workshop - 17 December 2020

On 17 December 2020 TALENT held its first online Stakeholder Workshop, Cost effective technological developments to accelerate clean energy transition. The event gatherdc project partners who presented TALENT's innovative proposal, showcasing its importance in supporting improved flexibility - a lower cost solution for supporting the energy transition in Europe.

The Workshop was opened by Sergio Saludes Rodil, project coordinator from CARTIF, who presented the TALENT project, and was followed by a keynote speech by Manuel Sanchez Jimenez, Policy Officer for Smart Grids at DG ENER - European Commission. After that, a sequence of 3 modules  gave a more detailed overview of the innovation touched by TALENT.

On Module 1, Pablo Moreno Torres and Javier Pedraza from partner Siemens Gamesa presented the scalable architecture for power electronics developed within the project. Igor Cantero from CEGASA touched upon the importance of analyzing the costs of smart batteries, which must also take into account the increased charges related to their improved functionalities.

On the second Module, Pablo Garcia from the University of Oviedo spoke about the modular battery system developed by TALENT, while Jeremy Martin from CEA discussed what is needed from battery systems in order to enhance grid flexibility and facilitate the integration of batteries in the system.

The third module was entirely focused on interoperability: first, Darja Skrt from Cyber Grid and David Baraja from Siemens Gamesa Renewables presented the interoperable software of TALENT and the challenges it will help overcome. Later on, Jesus Garcia from EU Energy Solutions & Innovation tackled the importance of interoperability in the integration of different renewable energy sources and how to achieve it.

The event was organised and moderated by EASE and CARTIF, and involved the entire project Consortium, as well as the European Commission. TALENT's online Stakeholder Workshops represent a key piece of the project's stakeholder engagement activities - don't miss the opportunity to become a stakeholder by registering here.


You can find the event recording here, divided in Part 1 and Part 2.

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