Vision and Concept

In recent years, the global shift to a more sustainable energy system is becoming a reality. It is necessary to act quickly so that this transformation occurs as soon as possible in order to help tackle the effects of climate change. This transition will only be possible through a profound transformation of the energy sector. Specifically, the electricity sector needs to be adapted to the foreseen penetration of renewable power generation: it needs to provide the electricity grid with flexibility, stability and reliability in a cost-effective way.

This transformation of the electricity sector requires an adaptation of the infrastructure for the generation, transport and distribution of electrical energy, with the consequent introduction of new elements.

The TALENT project promotes a wide and cost-effective integration of electric storage batteries in the grid that will lead to an increase of the flexibility in the energy system.

To meet this purpose, and besides the integration of the proper technology into the grid, TALENT will also develop suitable tools to correctly manage and balance the different elements integrated in the grid. New modular, scalable and safe technological solutions will be elaborated: Innovative power electronic architectures for electric batteries will be designed and tested by experienced partners at 3 different scales, along with an interoperable software for decentralized and hybridized energy systems (DHEMS).


Indeed, to foster the transition to a more sustainable energy system, TALENT envisages a future grid where many energy producers of different power ranges collaborate and in which electric storage batteries are an essential player of the grid stability. Additionally, to ensure that the integration of batteries in the grid is more affordable and therefore faster, TALENT focuses on the cost reduction of hardware and software components required for the installation and management.