The Software

One of the TALENT’s main aim is to develop a software to manage hybridised decentralided energy systems. The proposed TALENT software architecture will rely on the DHEMS (Distributed Hybridised Energy Management Systems), a software tool in charge of managing a set of heterogeneous generation sources, controllable loads and batteries according to different criteria (stability, efficiency, cost, maintenance, etc).

The DHEMS will be integrated with a Virtual Power Plant (VPP), a cloud-based distributed power plant that aggregates the capacities of heterogeneous distributed energy resources, so that they can exchange data information and/or complement each other.

To achieve cost reduction in this case, the software will be offered as interoperable software as a service (iSaaS). The software will be thus licensed on a subscription basis which implies a cost reduction for the users since they will pay neither for a license, nor software management formation, nor maintenance, etc.