Objective and Timeline

TALENT aims to develop new modular, scalable and safe technological solutions for a cost-effective integration of electric batteries in the grid in order to enhance the flexibility in the energy system.

Cost reduction is an essential requirement of TALENT as it will contribute to the increase of batteries in the grid. It will be achieved through new designs and architectures in power electronics batteries, along with software to manage hybridised decentralised energy system which will be offered as interoperable software as a service (iSaaS).

The architecture of the system will be designed as a whole from the battery to the cloud, with special focus on the communications of every element in the system to guarantee interoperability.

Innovative power electronic architectures for electric batteries will be developed and tested at three different scales (multi-home buildings storage, district and utility levels) and validated at the facilities of the University of Oviedo, Gamesa Electric and CEA.

As a result, the integration of electrical storage batteries along the different stages of the power supply chain will help adjusting the variability of the generation coming from renewables, hence meeting the end-users demand.

The figure below illustrates the proposed used cases and innovations to achieve cost reduction.

The TALENT project started in October 2019 and will stretch over three years, ending in September 2022.